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If you don t have a blog, you ve probably heard that your competence has one. So you might be asking yourself if you should have one too. At first sight having to maintain a blog just seems another task to add to your todo list. And if you want to do it right, it requires commitment and has to be one of your priorities.

So let s looks at five good reasons to get your small business a blog:

* It helps you keep in touch with your customers. By reading your blog customers can get to know your better, learn about your current products and about the products you are planning to offer in the future.
* It helps you drive the Internet traffic towards your business website. People might end up in your business website while looking for something that you posted in your blog. This gets more people to notice your business.
* Allows you to appear high in Google rankings: Blog services format your blog in a way that search engines like Google can pick up the words and phrases in your blog. This results in your blog appearing higher in Google searches
* They are easy to update. You can update blogs on your own, you don?t need a developer or a graphic designer and you don?t need to have programming knowledge.
* It is a low cost alternative to have web presence. Because you can create them and maintain them on your own, the cost of having a blog is very low. Some small businesses use their blogs as a replacement of a static webpage.

If you aren t blogging yet you might want to give a try to some of the various blogging websites. They are fairly easy to use and most of them allow you to customize the presentation so that it uses your business colors and logo.

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